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We Are: KHD

Whether a new company or an established one, KHD refreshes your executive vision through analytics. We use all of the data at your disposal. In some cases, we can help you find data that’s useful in ways your business has yet to leverage.

Strategic planning, performance optimization, and data analytics work together to yield successful plans that improve performance.

In many ways, a winning plan depends on both social and political analysis, beyond data or scientific rigor. Combining soft approaches and data-driven approaches moves a project along the human spectrum into the business arena successfully and with the least amount of resistance because both the human and scientific roadblocks are taken into account.

KHD supports you in altering your defined processes, implementing business best practices, organizing staff and resources in a more efficient way, and using every piece of data available to identify problems and match them with solutions.

With the right combination of people, resources, executive commitment, and a better understanding of your customers’ directions, we'll support you in improving, rebuilding, or “shoring up” your foundation for success.

We Specialize In...​

We specialize in developing company operating policies; analyzing innovative technological approaches; identifying program and project requirements; identifying missing resources; and coordinating program objectives with internal and external divisions and organizations.

Our Clients Thrive

With over four decades in Federal aviation, several decades in strategic planning for aviation, and year after year of insight into applying best practices to organizational policies, KHD uncovers permanent improvements in accountability, reliability, and peace of mind, three major factors in reliable performance. We are new to our online presence; but we are not new to our field. We have been here for 40 years.

  • Experts in Federal Aviation Performance Analysis
  • Experts in Strategic Planning Best Practices